Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Since Spring

Each time I visit blogspot I'm amazed at the beautiful blogs I see. From vintage photos to works of art to artists books and just moments or scenes captured with a camera. So much thought and time put into sharing lives and interests across the globe.

Today I'm posting images gathered over the last few months. Photos I've taken of places I've been, moments captured, my artwork and a few vintage images that appeal to me.

We had such a lush Spring it was beautiful and so green

The little waterfall I've walked to many times

Some days the colours are just gorgeous

This is such a South Australian scene

Silhouettes and night scenes are my favourite

Dry creek bed after flood has gone

Plate from my grandmother, the only thing I own from her, she died very young

pubs dancing, people, beer, music, wine

Scones and visitors in Spring

Creek day

The eating garden

Op shopped old bohemian

The final day at art school

more art school

natural spirit and textures

Sketches of art school scenes

homemade card destined for special friend

Some of my paintings from 2010

Love that hippy love!

Op shop found treasure

Drawn, painted, photographed then photoshopped in 2010


Remnant I found at a beach near Sydney

Old Australian picture

Vintage bikes are a favourite thing of mine

From a day in my life

and another

Where I live we have many koalas!

Hope you enjoyed this piece of my life and thanks for all your inspiring and delicious blogs!


  1. hello...i love that photo of the lady with the fur...

  2. I love it too oldflowers4me!
    Thanks Michèle :). Now I'm off to read yours..

  3. I enjoyed all that you posted! Thanks so much!

  4. what a beautiful life ....
    sure it would be turned into a beautiful post .
    I am happy to know you .
    thank you for have droped by mine little place on blogsphere !
    hugs . all the best .

  5. Wonderful photos...are the birds your artwork? They're beautiful.

  6. Unfortunately the birds are not my work Maggie! but I do draw, paint and sometime printmake birds and have some I will post here soon. I have an exhibition in April and am busy making work for that and will make a blog post about it soon. Thanks

  7. very interesting the sites one can stumble upon - lovely pictures - We've visited Australia twice and absolutely love the country :) Thanks for sharing such wonderful pictures