Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Industrial Decomposition

Today I was introduced to this idea of Industrial Decomposition, the authentic recording of the abandoned remnants of our industrial enterprises.

What we saw today was amazing. The photographs were beautiful. Abandoned factories, schools, power stations..some quite beautiful..with nature "reclaiming" them. Many of these places are left with all their paperwork and other objects.

This slow breakdown of human's creations back to the natural elements is kind of interesting to me. Haunting places. With a gothic feel. Made me think of our "throw away" cultures...only these are massive throw aways. Although where I live we don't have large areas of industrial ruin, we do have some examples. Detroit and Eastern Europe seem to have huge tracts of industrial wasteland.

Apparently a good place to start exploring this is the blog, link below:

Or grab the camera and start exploring your own environment. Something I've been meaning to do is take a trip to the outback..there's a place I know with whole settlements abandoned. Empty houses, school, church, with lace curtains, ball rooms and ornate fireplaces. All windswept and beginning to be taken over by the natural elements...sand, animals, spiders, creepers, trees. Early 20th century white farmer settlers often started off in unusually good seasons which gave a false sense of the rainfall and the productivity of the land. Within decades some discovered just how dry and harsh the inland Australian landscape can be.