Monday, October 26, 2009

This morning I sat outside and drank tea. The sky is blue. I watched the birds. And it felt good!

"You look like a Spanish gipsy, Juanita"
"I love the gipsies, she replied, "and hate being in towns and having to wear stockings,"
"Tell me everything, " I asked.....
(The Silent Queen, 1927)

Good morning!

Time for my next bohemian blog post. As my week becomes busier I won't have a chance so today I will indulge....

This morning I spent a half hour drinking tea outside. As I stepped onto the as yet unfloored beams of my back verandah the gorgeous humid southern hemisphere spring air hit me.

Today it is good to be alive.

Precariously balancing barefoot on beams, I made my way across to an old couch..also balancing on beams. In our impatience to enjoy our new back verandah we set the couches up before we added the floor!

Already I have enjoyed some bohemian moments in this new space.

This morning
I sat drinking tea
the feel of the air
on my skin

The sky is so blue this morning.

My place....

Here's a taste of Babette's Feast. A movie that an impressive bohemian lady introduced me to in the 1980's.